Clinical Programs

Physical Therapy

Rehab Pro’s physical therapists strive to maximize patient independence. When you or a loved one has become incapacitated to any degree, it’s critical to receive physical therapy from an individual with the compassion and expertise to help get things back on track. Rehab Pro prides itself on its therapists’ abilities to assist patients in recovering maximum mobility and productivity. Typically, physical therapy revolves around treatment of the larger muscles of the body. Through a customized treatment program, a Rehab Pro therapist will increase a patient’s ability to function in daily life activities, such as getting in and out of a vehicle, going up and down stairs, or walking with or without the assistance of equipment. When necessary, our therapists also will recommend necessary adaptive equipment to assist with balance and endurance, facilitate muscle re-education, and provide family and caregiver training. The initial evaluation completed by a physical therapist can include: assessment of posture, gait, range of motion, strength, joint mobility, muscle strength, cardiovascular function, reflexes and functional skills.

Occupational Therapy

Rehab Pro’s occupational therapists promote health through a customized program of purposeful activity that requires the patient’s physical and mental involvement. When you or a family member lose the ability to perform basic daily activities such as eating a meal or dressing yourself, a well-qualified Rehab Pro occupational therapist is able to help you recover the coordination and fine motor skills necessary to accomplish these kinds of tasks once again. Because the primary goal of therapy is to allow the patient to return home or to return to his or her original setting, much consideration is given by Rehab Pro therapists to a patient’s environment and his or her needs as they pertain to that environment. Will the patient have to prepare meals? Will the patient need any type of equipment in the bathroom to provide stability while bathing? Rehab Pro therapists pride themselves on not only their therapy skills, but on their listening skills as well. Listening to patients, finding out what their goals are these are the types of skills that help Rehab Pro therapists stand out as some of the best in the rehabilitation industry.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists for Rehab Pro provide an invaluable service to patients who require help learning to communicate or swallow again. From the elderly patient who has suffered a severe stroke to the younger patient who has to re-learn cognitive communication skills due to a brain injury, the Rehab Pro speech therapist works from a tremendous skill set to assist in both of those situations, as well as countless others. Rehab Pro’s speech therapists concentrate on activities that provide oral communication skills and build the self-confidence associated with normal speech functions. Being the fast-growing and competitive company that it is, Rehab Pro ensures that all therapists, including speech therapists, have the latest educational tools and equipment at their disposal. For instance, one of the most recent breakthroughs in speech pathology, a therapeutic new program called “Vital Stim” is being offered on a continuing education basis to all Rehab Pro speech therapists. This intense, comprehensive therapy treatment is expected to help shorten the patient’s recovery time and increase success rates for patients with swallowing disorders.