Field Work

Rehab Pro embraces the opportunity to be a part of the clinical experiences for students studying in the physical, occupational and speech therapy field. We believe it is an important part of the learning experience when you are able to integrate the knowledge you have gained in a classroom and apply it to the practical aspect of your education.  We also accept the opportunity for field work experience with physical therapy assistants and certified occupational assistants.

Whether it’s an observer, level 1 or 2 students, or a Clinical Fellowship, Rehab Pro will gladly provide the resources and clinician expertise needed to be a success.  With a clinical management team of 50+ years of combined experience in addition to the years of experience each clinical mentor has obtained, you can rest assure that the knowledge and hands on instruction you attain is of superior value.


Upcoming Grads

Before you know it, you will be launching your career in the therapy world and you should know that you can have a job laid out and waiting for you when that time comes.

Rehab Pro Therapy is a company that staffs facilities spanning the entire state of Texas, and extending into Oklahoma. From these 3 states we staff about 1,000 Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapists. Not only are we diverse geographically, but we deal with long term care and the majority of our facilities offer an outpatient setting. Our rates are competitive and our benefits are unparalleled in our industry. For example here are a few benefits that we have to offer:

  • PTO
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Company paid long-term disability
  • 401k
  • Online access to 24-7 CEUs

Our company also provides a unique sense of stability for our employees. We are joint partners with the majority of the facilities that we staff. Unlike most national companies, we have a vested interest in providing a secure setting for our employees. This synergy resonates and helps us provide the very best care for our patients.

Sign-on Bonuses

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If you have questions regarding our student programs or are interested in using Rehab Pro for your field work experience, please contact Heather Williams at hwilliams@rehabprotherapy.com.